We all live in the same world. But each and everyone of us interprets it different. As we are all unique individuals, with our own different life experience, education, culture and character, we view the same physical world differently.

For me, I see the world through as one that is every increasingly connected – digitally. Call me a geek, or a robot, or a man who is too “programmed”, but this is a fact.

Every event that happens, even human emotions, can be quantified mathematically. If this sounds straight out like it’s from a sci-fi movie, think again.

It is true that to a large extent, everything REALLY can be expressed mathematically. If you look at this, information (data) is generated every day,

1. The distance you walk to school or work

2. You can quantify your mood (bad or good) on a scale of say 1 to 100

3. The products you buy are all unique records (database to speak)

4. The way we make decisions is based usually on a multitude of factors (price, preference, needs vs wants etc)

As such, we live in a big-data world.

As crazy as it might seem, the collective human knowledge is already expressed out there on the internet. The things we can buy, why we buy, the new technologies that surface to facilitate our interaction with the physical world.

Take for example, previous you can be connected to the internet if you have access to your desktop or laptop. Now with a smartphone, unless your battery is dead, literally speaking – you are really connected 24/7 (and except when you are asleep).


Google has come up with Google glass which literally overlays your physical world with the digital one. The line between the physical world and digital world is blurring.

Think about it, our collective human consciousness is already out there on the internet. And we are increasingly intertwined with it.